VR or Virtual Reality is rapidly growing in popularity among the biggest brands in the world and with it grows the demand for VR content. We offer end-to-end production for your next VR project whether it will be used as a presentation tool at your next tradeshow or as the highlight of your next marketing campaign. Case studies show that having a VR experience for your brand will significantly increase your presence at any event and will continue to do so even after the experience is over. Dreamwalk Studios creates the story behind the experience, produces it, and provides necessary gear to experience virtual reality.


Imagine your presentation in a new format. Feel your project with HTC Vive. No more misunderstandings, demonstrate your ideas from all angles.


Our contextual 3D worlds power rich scenarios, role play and gamified learning that is difficult or impossible to achieve in the real world. They can be accessed in the browser and are VR-ready, utilising the HTC Vive.

3d/VR Objects

Complex objects and processes can be difficult manage in 2D. Our object viewer allows you to explore all angles, zoom, pull apart and animate wherever appropriate. VR technology allows you to touch and handle 3D objects – immersive technology makes learning by doing possible.

VR Architecture. See for yourself.

Virtual reality applications allows buyers to walk through an apartments and houses before they are built. In a virtual apartment you can change the layout, move the furniture and replace the pictures on the wall to get the perfect setting.

VR Architecture

VR Gaming. It'll blow your mind.

Explore a world of gaming like never before, and discover a universe of possibilities. With VR technology, you can bridge the gap between gaming and reality. The latest cutting-edge, immersive technology, created environments that make you feel like you really are somewhere else.

VR Gaming

3d/VR Objects. Feel the difference.

Using VR technology, we can create any environment or situation. Through this immersive technology, the world of learning is moving to an entirely new level. In addition to the standard e-learning methods of viewing and hearing information, virtual reality simulation provides a truly interactive experience. Users can move freely around the environment, interact with objects, carry out tests, make decisions and mistakes until they have mastered the subject. By letting learners practice in a virtual environment you will not only be able to see what they’ve learnt but also they’re approach and thought process to a problem.

3d VR Objects